The EDC Technical Newsletter is published for the benefit of HVE, HVE-2D and HVE-CSI users. Its purpose is to present the latest enhancements and capabilities available within the software, and also to pass along ideas that improve the use of the software. Each newsletter includes topics such as:

  • Technical Session
  • Product Announcements
  • Product Features and Enhancements
  • User Hints and Tips
  • Upcoming Events and Training Courses
Issue Date
Issue Highlights
HVE 2023!
2024 HVE Forum - March 4-8, Berkeley Marina, California
Technical Session - DyMESH Wheel Impact Model
EDC Simulations- January 15-19, 2024 - Virtual
EDC Vehicle Database adds more Vehicles and Tires
HVE 2021!
2022 HVE Forum - February 21 - 25, 2022 -Fort Myers, Florida
Technical Session - Using new features to simulate a tractor-trailer jackknife
EDC Reconstruction- November 8 - 12, 2020 - Virtual
EDC Vehicle Database adds more Vehicles and Tires
HVE 2020- Coming in September!
2021 HVE Forum - February 22 - 26, 2021 -Fort Myers, Florida
Technical Session - Using the new features in the Video Creator
EDC Reconstruction- November 9 - 13, 2020 - Miami, Florida
EDC Vehicle Database adds more Vehicles and Tires
HVE 2019 - Coming in October!
2020 HVE Forum - February 24 - 28, 2020 - Austin, Texas
Technical Session - Using the New Scissors Tool for Point Cloud Environments

EDC Simulations - November 4 - 8, 2019 - Miami, Florida
EDC Vehicle Database adds more Vehicles and Tires
Viva Las Vegas! - 2019 HVE Forum
HVE 2018 Service Pack 1
Technical Session - Modeling of Detailed Interaction Between the Tire and Terrain
EDC Simulations - November 4 - 8, 2019 - Miami, Florida
EDC is Again Building Vehicles

Technical Sessions Library
HVE Partners
File Export
HVE 64-Bit Version Now Shipping
Technical Session - Degrees of Freedom
2019 HVE Forum - February 25 - March 1 - Las Vegas, Nevada

EDC Reconstruction - November 5 - 9, 2018 - Miami, Florida
DyMESH Version 4
EDC Presents 2 Technical Papers at 2018 SAE International Congress
Call for HVE White Papers

HVE Admissibility List
HVE 2016 Service Pack 5 Now Shipping
2018 HVE Forum
Technical Session - Introducing the new HVE Brake System model
EDC Simulations - November 6 - 10, 2017 - Miami, FL
HVE 2017 Update
Simulations Festial
White Papers Available
Feast! - 2017 HVE Forum
Technical Session - HVE's new Image Tool in the Environment Editor
New Thermodynamic Model for Disc Brakes
HVE 2016 Service Pack 3 Available
EDC President named ASME Fellow
EDC Simulations - January 30 - February 3, 2017 - Los Angeles, CA
HVE 2016 Service Pack 4
HVE 2017
More on the 2017 HVE Forum . . .
Introducing HVE 2016!
2016 HVE Forum Recap
2017 HVE Forum Venue Announced
Technical Session - HVE's New Post-Impact Path Definition Options
EDC Reconstruction - October 24 - 28, 2016 - Miami, FL
EDC at WREX 2016 and ARC-CSI
New EDC Vehicle Database
Call for HVE White Papers
HVE White Papers Available
Templates Available
By the Time You Get to Phoenix ... An Overview of the Upcoming 2016 HVE Forum
EDSMAC4 & SIMON Updates - Available and Shipping
Technical Session - An Overview of the HVE Vehicle Model Data Set
Ongoing HVE Development - What's Coming Next?
EDC Simulations - November 9 - 13, 2015 - Miami, FL
Austin Was Awesome! - 2015 HVE Forum Recap
HVE Version 11.01 and SIMON Version 4.41 Updates
Technical Session - Using the Traffic Signals Simulation System in HVE
Dimension Basis Can Be Important!
EDC Simulations - November 9 - 13, 2015 - Miami, FL
HVE Version 11 - Available and Shipping on February 11th
Technical Session - Backgrounder and Tutorial for the HVE DyMESH Wheel Impact Model for Solid Axle Suspensions
There's Still Time To Register! - 2015 HVE Forum - March 2 - 6, 2015
EDC Simulations - November 9 - 13, 2015 - Miami, FL
Use DamageStudio To Improve Your Crash Analysis
See You In Austin! - 2015 HVE Forum - March 2 - 6, 2015
Technical Session - HVE DyMESH Wheel Impact Model Backgrounder and Tutorial
EDC Simulations - January 19 - 23, 2015 - Burbank, CA
HVE Version 10.10 Now Shipping
2015 HVE Forum Set for March 2 - 6, 2015 in Austin, Texas
Technical Session - Backgrounder for Vehicle Performance Testing
EDC Reconstruction - November 10 - 14, 2014 - Coral Gables - Miami, FL
Vehiclemetrics Announces Vehicle Database Updates for HVE and HVE-2D
HVE Version 10 Now Shipping
Technical Session - Backgrounder for the new HVE Vehicle Light System
2014 HVE Forum -- February 24 - 28, 2014 -- St Petersburg, FL
Ongoing Developments for HVE
Technical Session - HVE Drivetrain Model: % Wide-Open Throttle Inputs
2014 HVE Forum -- February 24 - 28, 2014 -- St Petersburg, FL
EDC Simulations -- November 11-15, 2013 -- Coral Gables, FL
Vehiclemetrics Announces Vehicle Database for HVE-2D Users
Download Your Update to Version 9.12
Technical Session - Combining Events Using the HVE Video Creator
2014 HVE Forum
DamageStudio Improves Your Crash Analysis

Select The Right Physics For Your Crash Analysis
Study Occupant Injury Mechanisms Using GATB
Version 9.1 and the 2013 HVE Forum
Technical Session - Detailed Overview of HVE's Damage Profile Dialog
2013 HVE White Papers Now Available

2014 HVE Forum - Call For Papers
Troubleshooting Licensing Issues
Version 9.10 - Now Available!
Technical Session - Trailer Separation Model - Backgrounder and Tutorial
Adding Key Results to Your Simulation Movies

2013 HVE Forum - New Workshops Offered
Ongoing Developments From EDC
Technical Session - HVE Driver Model Tutorial
Vehiclemetrics Launches HVE Vehicle Database
HVE Version 9.01 Update
2013 HVE Forum - March 11-15, 2013 - San Diego
EDSMAC4 Version 7.31 Update
HVE FAQ Knowledge Base Continues to Grow
Version 9 - Now Available and Ready for You
Technical Session - Curb-Tripped Rollover Simulation
HVE Admissibility List
2013 HVE Forum - March 11-15, 2013 - San Diego
Call for Papers: HVE White Paper Session
Using the Video Creator in Version 9
Version 9.00 - Available Spring 2012
Technical Session - Tutorial Using DamageStudio for EDSMAC4
EDSMAC4 v7.21 Patch Download
EDC and HVE Users YouTube Channels
MADYMO Occupant Simulation for STARS
Version 8.20 - Now Available
Technical Session - Pole Impacts
How To Get Your Google Earth Images Into HVE
Version 8.20 - Coming June 2011
Technical Session - Introducing the HVE Electronic Stability Systems Model
Review of Past Technical Sessions
2011 HVE Forum Recap
2011 HVE White Papers Now Available
2012 HVE Forum - New Orleans, LA
HVE and Windows 7
Unexpectedly Running In Demo Mode
2011 HVE Forum - Spring Training
Technical Session - Articulated Vehicle Off-tracking
HVE Environment Modeling Partners
HVE, HVE-2D & HVE-CSI Version 8.1 Overview
Introduction to HVE-CSI Workshop
Technical Support Procedures
Version 8.1 - It's On The Way!
Technical Session - Vehicle Dynamics Parameters
2011 HVE Forum - Sign Up Today!
The Hottest Add-ons and Upgrades of 2010
The Latest "Now Available" News
Technical Session - Preview of DamageStudio®
Environment DXF Issues
Version 8, HVE Training Partners & More!
Technical Session - SIMON's New Damage Data Report
HVE & HVE-2D Version 8.0 Features Overview
HVE-CSI Crash Reconstruction Software for Law Enforcement
HVE Training Partners
2011 HVE Forum - February 21 - 25, 2011
Call for Papers: HVE White Paper Session

HVE Discussion Groups
Exciting Developments For HVE & HVE-2D
Technical Session - Using the DXF Translator
2010 HVE Forum - Advanced 3-D Environments
2010 HVE Forum - Environment Building for the Professional Graphic Artist
What's Your Strategy for Environment Modeling?
HVE Environment Modeling Partners
Environment Modeling Partner Example - HVE Visualizations in HD
HVE & HVE-2D Version 7.1 Features Overview
HVE & HVE-2D Version 7.1- December 2009
Technical Session - HVE Hydroplaning Model
HVE Admissibility List
2010 HVE Forum - San Antonio, Texas - March 1 - 5, 2010
Environment Building for the Professional Graphic Artist
DXF Conversion Utilities
HVE & HVE-2D - Version 7 Now Available
Technical Session - HVE Automatic Transmission Model
2010 HVE Forum - San Antonio, Texas - March 1 - 5, 2010
Using the Distance Tool
Using the Vehicle Wizard
Using the Speed Follower
Using the New Cameras
HVE & HVE-2D Ongoing Developments
Technical Session - Wheel Setup Options
2009 HVE Forum Recap
2010 HVE Forum - San Antonio, Texas - March 1 - 5, 2010
Extended Payment Options Now Available
Quickly Install A New License File
HVE & HVE-2D Ongoing Developments
Technical Session - Detailed Overview of DyMESH
Creating Custom Size Tires for Vehicles in HVE
HVE & HVE-2D Version 6.00 Available Soon
Technical Session - DyMESH Version 2
Using the Buttons on the Right Side of the Viewer
2008 HVE Forum
Recommendations for Windows Vista Installations
HVE & HVE-2D Ongoing Developments
Technical Session - Steer Degree of Freedom Model
Expanded Free Download of Library Publications
2008 HVE Forum
Saving Custom Vehicle for Future Cases
Utility Program for Using Aerial Photographs
HVE & HVE-2D Ongoing Developments
Technical Session - Restitution
Preparing CAD Models for the DXF Translator
Dealing with Model "White-Out" Conditions
Inserting Simulation Results Into Reports
2007 Year/Model Interchange List
HVE-related Employment Opportunities for Users
2007 HVE Forum Recap
HVE & HVE-2D Version 5.20 Now Available
Technical Session - Tire-Terrain Sidewall Impact Model
2007 HVE Forum Recap
2007 HVE Forum - Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'
Technical Session - Pole Impacts Using EDSMAC4
Techniques For Converting Vehicle Geometry Files
DyMESH User Notes
Sneak Preview of HVE & HVE-2D Version 5.20
Technical Session - Using the Soft Soil Tire-Terrain Model
Differences in Delta-V Reported in EDSMAC and EDSMAC4 (August 1997 Newsletter)
2007 HVE Forum - San Antonio, TX
Call for 2007 HVE Forum White Papers
SIMON 3.01 Update
EDKEY Driver for 64-bit Installations
HVE & HVE-2D Version 5.10 - Now Available
Technical Session - Anatomy of a Simulation
2006 HVE Forum Recap
2007 HVE Forum - San Antonio, TX
Importing DXF Files Into HVE and HVE-2D
GBF Now Available for HVE and HVE-2D
Version 5.10 and Your Internet Security Firewall
2006 HVE Forum - So Hot, It's Cool!
Technical Session - Steer Axis Geometry Now Available In SIMON
Properly Assigning Rotation Direction in EDCRASH
Grouping Objects in AutoCAD for use in HVE
Using Third Party Vehicle Geometries in HVE
Producing Simulation Presentations Using Windows Movie Maker
Firewalls and How They Can Block HVE or HVE-2D
Exciting New Feature For Version 5.10
Technical Session - Effect of the Point on Curve in EDCRASH
Upgrading From HVE-2D to HVE
Creating Large Exhibits of the Playback Window
Updated Vehicle Database Available on Website
2006 HVE Forum
Call For 2006 HVE Forum White Papers
Version 5.10 - Coming Summer 2005
Technical Session - Tire-Road Friction
Preview HVE Version 5.10 at the 2005 SAE Congress
DyMESH - A 'SAE Top Product of 2004'
2005 HVE Forum Recap
Who Wants To Be A HVE Jillionaire
2005 HVE Forum - February in Florida
Technical Session - Suite of New Tire-Terrain Models
Extending a Simulation Beyond 20 Seconds
Increasing the Performance of HVE
Using the HVE ABS Simulation Model
Viewing Surface Normals in AutoCAD
Patch for Version 5.00
2005 HVE Forum - Hangin' In the Grove
Technical Session - Report on the use of DyMESH by HVE Users
DyMESH User Notes
Upcoming Enhancements to HVE and HVE-2D
Using the New HVE Camera Setup Dialog
Files for Version 5.00
Tutorials and Examples Available on EDC Website
2004 HVE Forum - Faster Than A Speeding 'Bullitt'
Technical Session - HVE Path Follower
2004 HVE Forum Top 10 Wish Lists
2004 HVE Forum White Paper Session
Call for 2005 HVE Forum White Papers
Downloadable Patch Files for Version 5.00
New Procedure for Assigning Inter-vehicle Friction in EDSMAC4
HVE & HVE-2D Version 5 Now Available
Technical Session - Tire Blow-out, Wheel Damage and Wheel Brake Set-up Options
SIMON and DyMESH Validation Paper Presented at 2004 SAE World Congress
Easy Access to License Information in Version 5
Importing Vehicle Geometries Into HVE
Matching the Connections Between Vehicles
DyMESH - Available for HVE Version 5
Technical Session - High-level Introduction to DyMESH
SIMON and DyMESH Technical Papers
HVE & HVE-2D Version 5.00 Release
2003 HVE Forum - Humans, Vehicles and Elvis?
Technical Session - How the Brake System on a 3-D Simulation Model Works
Using Aerial Photos as Scene Drawings
Contributor's Corner - Applying Textures to Environment Models
2003 HVE Forum - April 28 - May 2 - Las Vegas, NV
Technical Session - Simulating Barrier Collisions Using EDSMAC4
HVE and HVE-2D 4.40 Feature Overview
HVE and HVE-2D Version 4.40 Available in January
Technical Session - EDCRASH Damage Message Explained
Technical Support Procedures
HVE White Papers Available on EDC Website
Replacing a Lost or Missing EDKEY
HVE Partner Program
Vehicle Dynamics Course
Upcoming Enhancements to HVE and HVE-2D
Technical Session - How the Steer Degree of Freedom Works
Custom Vehicle Models
DXF Translator
USB EDKEY Available
EDVAP on Windows XP
NTSB Releases Additional HVE Simulation Movies
2002 HVE Forum - "Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!"
Technical Session - How Tire Skidmarks are Produced and Displayed by HVE
Graphics Card Performance Testing
ABS Simulation Model Introduced at 2002 SAE Congress
Technical Session - Anti-Lock Braking: Part II
Using HVE and HVE-2D on Windows XP
On-going Developments in HVE and HVE-2D
Managing a Large Software Project
Technical Session - Synchronizing Output Time and Playback Interval

EDC Vehicle Database Continues to Grow
Totally Redesigned HVE-2D Available in August
GATB Available for HVE Version 4.1
Major EDCRASH Update
Rollover Simulation Update
Technical Session - Using HVE for Motorcycle Crash Reconstruction
Creating a New Vehicle
Importing Environment Files Into HVE Version 4
Tips on Making Simulation Movies
Crashes Caused By Graphics Drivers
HVE Version 4 Now Available
Testing, Testing, Testing
Technical Session - Rollover Simulation

Technical Support Overview
EDC Vehicle Dynamics Course Recap
HVE Version 4 Offers Greater Efficiency
Technical Session - 4-Spring and Walking Beam Suspensions
EDC Technical Reference Library
EDCRASH Damage Energy Message Explained
HVE Version 4 Coming in November
Technical Session - Time-Distance Studies
EDC Technical Reference Library
PC Version of HVE Announced at 2000 HVE Forum
Newton on Motorcycle Collisions
Technical Session - Rollover Simulation Using EDVSM
Contributor's Corner - Simulation Movies From HVE-2D v1.33

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Technical Sessions, Tips and Contributor's Corner columns from EDC Technical Newsletters, January 1986 to April (Spring) 2004.