There are three versions of HVE available. Please refer to the Selection Guide to help you choose between  HVE-2D or HVE-CSI.



Highway Safety Research Software
HVE allows you to reconstruct and simulate crashes involving all types of road vehicles (passenger cars, trucks, articulated vehicles, etc.). 3-dimensional issues involving vehicle rollover, collision under-ride, irregular road surfaces (curbs, potholes and embankments), as well as system failures, such as brake defects or tire blow-out, are handled directly. The role of the driver, such as inattention or over-correction, can be evaluated in great detail. HVE may also be used to analyze injuries to occupants and pedestrians.



Crash Reconstruction and Simulation Software
HVE-2D allows you to reconstruct and simulate loss of control scenarios and crashes on relatively flat surfaces. Events may involve any number and any type of vehicles, including articulated vehicles.



Crash Reconstruction Software for Law Enforcement
HVE-CSI is a unique version of HVE that focuses directly on the needs of law enforcement officers. The results of the reconstruction help to identify factors, such as excessive speed, loss of control and failure to obey traffic control devices. Its ease of use and extremely affordable price make HVE-CSI an attractive option for the entire crash reconstruction team.