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The goal of this course is to provide a greater understanding of vehicle dynamics and control systems to engineers through a combination of classroom-based theory sessions and hands-on computer simulation workshops. This course extends beyond an introductory vehicle dynamics course and includes direct applications using the HVE 3-D simulation environment, as well as providing solid theoretical background for such simulations. The course is focused towards vehicle design engineers and safety researchers with an interest in a greater understanding of vehicle dynamics and automotive chassis systems development.

Attendees will use HVE and HVE-compatible vehicle dynamics simulation models to conduct simulation studies and virtual experiments directly related to the concepts discussed in classroom lectures.


Topics covered in this course will include:

  • Tire Mechanics - including dynamic tire effects, friction circle and friction ellipse theory, determination of performance parameters, and tire construction and failure modes.
  • Vehicle Dynamics - including cornering compliance concept, critical speed and characteristic speed definitions, understeer, oversteer, neutral steer, and Ackerman Steer angle.
  • Control Theory Concepts - including time-domain metrics of vehicle performance, and human control performance and response to stimulus.
  • Dynamic/Transient Handling Models - including equations of motion of a rigid body in 3-space, and unsteady/transient vehicle behavior with driver-intended and disturbance inputs.
  • Suspension and Steering Effects - including antidive and antisquat, camber, toe effects, suspension characteristics and their effect on tire behavior and vehicle handling, and ABS and traction control performance characteristics.
  • Dynamic/Transient Ride Models - including tradeoff between ride and handling, chassis flexibility, and characterization of road inputs to chassis.


A technical background in engineering, physics or mathematics is required. Coursework in advanced dynamics and vibrations, familiarity with programming in a scientific computing language, familiarity with vehicle simulation technology, or experience using the HVE simulation environment and HVE-compatible vehicle dynamics simulation models would be beneficial, but is not required.

About the Instructor

Dr. Dan Metz, Emeritus Professor with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, has been the recipient of numerous teaching and engineering achievement awards. Dr. Metz has authored over 50 technical papers and also developed and instructed the SAE-sponsored Automobile Vehicle Dynamics seminar.

Dr. Metz has been a consultant in the areas of automobile and motorcycle vehicle dynamics and aerodynamics for more than 30 years. Clients have included nearly every manufacturer, insurance company, and racing organization in the World, as well as numerous engineering and legal firms.

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