In order to extend the default limits of any input parameters or settings in HVE, the user can edit the warning and error limits for the appropriate parameters in the language.rsc file.  This file is a text file located in the supportFiles/sys folder.  (Users are encouraged to review Appendix II in their User’s Manual for more details about the warning and error limit values used by HVE.)

Since the language.rsc file contains every text string and parameter used in HVE, it is helpful to use the Find functionality of your text editor to quickly search for the string associated with the parameter you wish to edit.  The following table contains the strings for the Maximum Simulation Time value, as well as Driver Controls table entries.

Time ParameterStringValues to Edit
Simulation TimeOpSimMaxTime20.0
Brake TableBrakeTimeCol20.0
Steer TableSteerTimeCol20.0
Throttle TableThrottleTimeCol20.0
Gear SelectionGearTimeDisplay20.0


If you need to increase the range of other parameters  beyond the default limit of 20 seconds (e.g. Tire Blowout and Wheel Damage), you will need to edit their limits in the language.rsc file, too.  If you make a mistake in the format of your language.rsc file during your editing, you can download an original copy of that file from the Support, Downloads section of the EDC website.