DamageStudio is available as one of the Playback Report options for EDSMAC4 events. The fastest way to identify if you have access to DamageStudio is to
select Help, Tech Support on the main menu, and check the list of programs that appear in the
dialog -- you will see a line for DamageStudio if you are licensed to use it.


existing cases (pre-Version 8.20), the Damage Data output report format is by default a Traditional
format. With this format of Damage
Data report, even if you have DamageStudio, you will not see DamageStudio listed as a report option in the Playback Editor.  To
change it so you can use DamageStudio on a previous version EDSMAC4 event, follow these

  1. Go
    to the Event Editor and your EDSMAC4 event.

  2. Select Options, Calculation Options on the

  3. Change the selection for Damage Data Format from Traditional to Collision

  4. Reset and run the event.

  5. Go
    to the Playback Editor and add a report --> The list of reports will now include