SIMON was used, along with the HVE Driver Model, to simulate the event. Simulations of the airborne trajectories quickly revealed the vehicles were traveling about 33 to 37 mph down Taylor St. Time-distance analysis of the movie footage suggested the vehicles were traveling 44 to 51 mph down Taylor Street. At a speed of 45 mph, simulation revealed the vehicles would have been airborne for a distance of greater than 90 feet. In addition, DyMESH simulations revealed that catastrophic damage would have occurred to the undercarriages as they "pancaked" on the pavement at Green St (even at 35 mph, the vertical acceleration was greater than 2 g!). Finally, the maximum speed at which the vehicles could successfully negotiate a left turn onto Filbert St. was about 25 to 30 mph. Thus, we have concluded that the movie sequence was speeded up 20 to 28 percent. Still, it's the greatest car chase scene ever captured on film.
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