Question: After crashing
while attempting to save a vehicle to the User Database in Version 9.10,
I restarted HVE but the program window does not appear on my Desktop or in the
Windows Task Bar. What do I do?

HVE Version 9.10 has a bug related to the User.DB as well as Add Vehicle, Previous. We are working on a patch.
Until the patch becomes available, users should not save a vehicle to User.DB or use Add Vehicle, Previous.
This problem also prevents HVE from restarting properly.

To correct the situation, please follow these steps:

1. Launch the Task
Manager (Press ctrl + alt + delete and then select to Start Task

2. Click on the
Processes tab and then locate hve.exe in the list.

3. Left-click to
select the hve.exe process, then right-click to display
the menu.

4. Select "End
Process" on the menu to terminate the hve.exe

5. Close the Task

6. Open your file
browser and go to the HVE/supportFiles/db folder

7. Locate and delete
the user.db file. Note that it is only 1kb in

8. Close your file

9. Start HVE and get
back to work.