I want to have a human driver in both vehicles in a SIMON simulation.  However, when I try to create the event by selecting each vehicle and its human driver and press the OK button on the Event Information dialog, I get an error message.  What am I doing wrong?


This is a bug, but there is a workaround. At this time, a SIMON event needs to have each human assigned to a different vehicle location.  When you add humans in the Human Editor, one of the selection options is Location.  If you select a different location for each human, you will be able to create the event as expected.  When you position the human in the vehicle within the event, it can be located anywhere within the vehicle, no matter what the Location was in the Human Editor.   Remember that a human in SIMON is treated simply as a payload. There are no forces, accelerations, or mechanics calculated for the human, so its motion is not simulated.  You would need to use an occupant simulation program such as GATB for that type of work.