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E-News Archive

3-D Stiffness Modeling Available In HVE Version 9

HVE Driver Model Path Visualization In Version 9

EDC Celebrates 30 Years

HD Video Output Available In Version 9

2012 HVE Forum White Papers Now Available

Version 9 Release Date Announced at 2012 HVE Forum

It's Not Too Late - Don't Miss Out! • 2012 HVE Forum

Wheel Impact Simulation Using DyMESH Version 3

Winter 2012 EDC Technical Newsletter

Introductory Workshops at the 2012 HVE Forum

Featured Workshop: DyMESH Version 3 • 2012 HVE Forum

Featured Workshop: Using DamageStudio • 2012 HVE Forum

Featured Workshop: DyMESH Version 3 • 2012 HVE Forum

EDC Reconstruction • Accident Reconstruction Training

HVE: Packed Full of Features and Capabilities

HVE ESS Model, DamageStudio and More


EDSMAC4 Update Now Available

Updated Vehicle Database Now Available

Stability Control Simulation • Now Available For Viewing

Watch HVE Users Simulations On YouTube

EDC Simulations • Accident Simulation Training Course

DamageStudio Improves Your Analysis

The Distance Tool

HVE Automatic Transmission Model

HVE Tire Blow-out Model

HVE ABS Simulation Model

Searchable HVE FAQ Knowledge Base Now Available

Summer 2011 EDC Technical Newsletter

HVE Environment Modeling Partners

HVE Technology Timeline

Using SIMON To Drive Into Deep Potholes

EDC Announces Electronic Stability Systems Simulation Model

HVE-CSI Crash Reconstruction Software

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