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Technical Support

Engineering Dynamics Corporation has support services available to users with a current Update/Technical Support Policy. These services address specific issues or questions about the use or application of the programs.

Technical Support can be reached by telephone between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM (Pacific Time) at 503.644.4500 or by email to support@edccorp.com. Please be ready to provide your User ID#, your name, your company name and contact phone number when you call or include these details directly in your email.

Every technical support call is routed through the support desk and documented. Documenting each call allows our technicians to seek advice from each other as well as to share their solutions. A Case ID number is also assigned to every call, in case there is a need for a follow up. These steps have been implemented to assist us in tracking repeated problems. A high standard of quality is also maintained by monitoring the level of user satisfaction for support services via confidential surveys.

All requests for technical support are responded to within 24 hours. Our goal is to respond within 2 hours and our statistics show that 78 percent of all calls are addressed at the time of the call. The average response time is less than 30 minutes.

One thing that’s worth mentioning: All technical support calls are strictly confidential, and you will never see us opposing you in court. We serve only our users.

Problem Determination

The following are the preliminary steps you should perform to confirm your problem and assist EDCís technicians in providing the most efficient support possible:

  • Review The Manual - Most issues related to usage are covered in the manual. If you encounter a problem that is not covered in the Manual, continue with the following steps.

  • Duplicate The Problem - If at all possible, try to duplicate the problem. This includes carefully retracing your steps to document how the problem occurs.
  • Contact EDC Technical Support - Use e-mail, fax or telephone. Be prepared to provide the technical support representative the following information: 

Your User ID Number

Your Computer Hardware Profile

Software Version Information
(available from the Help, Technical Support menu option)

Problem Description

  • Send The Case To EDC For Evaluation - If the problem cannot be resolved by e-mail, fax or telephone, send a case file to EDC for evaluation. Simply send an email to support@edccorp.com and include the case file as an attachment. In your email, describe the problem in as much detail as possible. Then click on your email program’s Attach option and select the case file. By default, the file is found in the \supportFiles\case subdirectory. If the case file is particularly large (while many case files are about 1 MB, it is possible for a case file that includes numerous lengthy events to exceed 50 MB), you can greatly reduce the file size by resetting each of the events prior to saving the case.

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