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Vehicle Data Services

Custom Vehicles for HVE & HVE-2D  
EDC can locate, measure and provide all the data necessary to perform a complex 3-D reconstruction or simulation on a specific vehicle that you require for a case. This includes a geometry file containing 3,000+ polygons (not including tires and wheels). Contact our Customer Service Department for more information. 

Download a Custom Vehicle Order Form

Tire Data
A comprehensive set of tire performance data is available for vehicle engineers and safety researchers to use in vehicle handling simulations. A combination of 26 passenger and light-truck tires were subjected to a series of tests on the flat bed test machine at the Calspan TIRF facility to determine performance parameters under various conditions. The data include cornering tests (Fy vs slip angle, Mz vs slip angle), braking tests (Fx vs longitudinal slip) and radial stiffness at three loads, two speeds and two inclination angles. 

Download a Tire Test Data Order Form

Download Sample Data Plots from a Cornering Test

Free Rolling Cornering Test
This clip is an example of one of the series of free rolling cornering tests conducted during the 1999 Tire Week testing program. Note the sweep from 0 to -15 to +15 and back to 0 degrees. (Click on the image to play the 4.2 MB .wmv movie file.)

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