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What Others Are Saying

EDC has been offering the EDC Reconstruction and EDC Simulation courses for over 20 years. We think that the students who have attended these courses are the best ones to judge their value. The information presented below has been compiled directly from 20 years of student evaluations.


Evaluation Measures
15 Year Average
(10 point scale)
The instructor explained the course objectives.
The instructor and the course met the stated objectives.
The assignments were reasonable in length and difficulty.
The instructor was well prepared for each class.

The instructor made the students feel free to ask questions and express their ideas.

The instructor stimulated interest in the subject.
The instructor made himself available to individual students.
Overall rating of the instructor.

The notebook and manual provided thorough coverage of the information.

The notebook and manual will be valuable on-the-job references.
Overall usefulness of the course in terms of your work.


"The EDC Reconstruction Course far exceeded my expectations at every level. The course instructor was genuinely passionate about sharing his knowledge, expertise and experience with the class. Highly recommended! " - Dr. John Lloyd

"The instructor, Mr. Terry Day, is an excellent instructor. In the A/R course he took the complex workings of the software and spread it out in an easy to follow format that gave me an excellent foundation of the software. I did not expect to take 47 pages of notes throughout the week however that goes to show the extent of information covered, not simply plug and chug. Well done! " - Joe Manges, Grayslake P.D.

"This has been the most useful training program that I have ever attended."

"This course was very good. I would recommend it to anyone who uses EDC Simulation programs (new users and experienced users)."

"This course is great for a math/physics based user. It gave me confidence in the results the program outputs."

"I'd recommend the EDC Reconstruction course to anyone purchasing EDCRASH. What seemed so difficult before seems so easy now."

"If I had a friend in A/R using EDCRASH, I would definitely recommend this course (EDC Reconstruction) to him/her. During this course you gain excellent knowledge about the inner workings of the EDCRASH program."

"Best balance of technical theory vs. real-world application of any A/R course I've taken. Good group participation. Well structured course. I look forward to taking other EDC courses."

"This course is a great course for Accident Reconstructionists in general. Even without the programs, the course covered many topics indirectly that are not well addressed elsewhere. (e.g. radius of gyration, spinning vehicle drag)"

"Great background course for accident reconstruction. Great to have more mathematical modeling/reconstruction tools."

"For engineers, this class explains not only the math behind the program, but also the development of the industry."

"I have been doing Accident Reconstruction for several years and the theory behind simulation has always been shrouded in mystery. This course helped greatly in explaining what was going on."

"Terry Day is a very focused, skilled instructor who is able to take very complicated procedures and impart them in a structured, easily understood form."

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