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HVE White Papers

In editions of the Accident Reconstruction Journal, Accident Investigation Quarterly and Collision Magazine, full page advertisements present a different scenaro (e.g. loss of control, collision or other interesting event) that shows off the true capabilities of HVE and HVE-2D. Each ad describes the scenario, presents a table of issues and answers and then directs the reader to the EDC website for the presentation of a detailed, menu-driven reconstruction of the event. This reconstruction includes descriptions, screenshots of vehicles and environment models, screenshots of the events and outputs, and also includes simulation movies of the scenario from various viewpoints.

Click on the ads below to view the menu-driven reconstruction of each scenario.

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Crash Site Evidence
A 2010 Chevrolet Equinox SUV attempted to make a left turn in front of a 2003 Dodge Ram pickup. The pickup was in the middle northbound lane when it struck the left-rear side of the SUV, causing both vehicles to rotate CCW to their final rest positions. The right-rear passenger in the SUV suffered significant facial injury, but there was no physical evidence on the back of the right front seat. How did the facial injury occur?


Crash Site Evidence
A Ford F-150 pickup towing a heavily loaded utility trailer fails to obey a stop sign and crashes into the driver's side of a Suzuki Grand Vitara SUV crossing through the intersection. The impact causes the SUV to rotate and skid until the right rear tire sidewall impacts a curb, tripping the SUV. It rolls over, coming to rest on its side in a grassy field.


Crash Site Evidence
A Peterbilt 2-axle tractor pulling double belly-dump trailers uphill over a narrow bridge crossed the centerline in front of an approaching Ford sedan. Both drivers reacted, but impact occurred between the left, rear tractor drive wheels and the left, rear corner of the Ford sedan.


Crash Site Evidence
A 1968 Mustang GT, driven by Lt. Frank Bullitt, is chasing a 1968 Dodge Charger R/T, driven by a man known only as "The Killer", down Taylor Street on Russian Hill in San Francisco.

Multiple Impact

Crash Site Evidence
A 2005 Ford 500 SEL was northbound on a two-lane highway approaching a bridge when it drifted onto the shoulder and collided with a bridge abutment, coming to rest in the northbound lane. A 1997 Land Rover Discovery was following the Ford and collided with it. The second collision sent the Land Rover into the oncoming lane, where it collided with a southbound Freightliner Columbia pulling a set of doubles.

Passing Maneuver

Crash Site Evidence
A 2002 Honda Accord LX V-6 4-Dr was westbound on a two-lane highway with a 1% uphill grade. The Honda was following a 1977 Mack 685 ST truck tractor towing a loaded 45 ft. semi-trailer at a speed of 30 mph. The driver of the Honda wanted to pass.

Chain Reaction

Crash Site Evidence
Several cars were stopped at the only traffic signal in a small town near Lincoln, Nebraska. A Chrysler van approaching the intersection failed to notice the stopped cars and plowed into the back of the rear vehicle, causing a chain reaction collision. The front vehicle was pushed into the intersection and struck a trailer being towed by a pickup.


Crash Site Evidence
An SUV was traveling on a 2-lane mountain road at 55 mph as it entered a downhill curve to the right. The cut bank exposed a natural spring and the road surface in the curve was covered with a thin layer of water. As the vehicle traveled across the wet region it began to sideslip and lose control.


Crash Site Evidence
An SUV was traveling about 5 mph above the posted speed limit on a slight downgrade as it entered a curve. It had been raining; the driver lost control and left the road. Would a stability control system have prevented the crash?

Secondary Impact

Crash Site Evidence
A 1984 Ford F-150 pickup towing an empty utility trailer approached an intersection and turned left in front of a 2005 Jaguar S-Type sedan, resulting in a collision between the front of the sedan and the right side of the pickup. A secondary collision occurred between the rear of the sedan and the right side of the trailer.

Loss of Control

Crash Site Evidence
A 2005 Toyota Camry LE lost control and skidded off a 2-lane road, down a 20 foot embankment, impacted the ground on its left side, rolled over and came to rest on its wheels.

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