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If your project requires custom vehicles or a highly-detailed, realistic visualization of the roads and surrounding terrain, contact a Vehicle & Environment Modeling Partner for assistance. Modeling Partners are CAD and graphics professionals experienced with producing high-quality models for use in HVE simulations. Partners also includes HVE users offering their expertise in environment and vehicle model building services.

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United States    (listed alphabetically by State)

  • Collision Engineering Associates, Inc.
    HVE Partner specializing in site inspection, surveying and creating 3-D vehicle and terrain models.

    Also provides services for converting models from different formats into and out of HVE, and exporting
    data from HVE into animation programs for presentation.

      Wes Grimes
      Collision Engineering Associates, Inc.
      2812 N. Norwalk, Suite 123
      Mesa, AZ 85212


      (480) 655-0399

  • Dustin Productions LLC
    Specializing in vehicle crash recreation based on simulation data, creating 3-D environments for HVE

    simulations, building photorealistic environments, and combining HD video footage with 3-D models and

  • Baker Sneddon Consulting
    HVE Partner specializing in site inspection, surveying and creating 3-D vehicle and terrain models.

  • Wolf Technical Services
    HVE Partner specializing in all phases of environment modeling for HVE. Use your survey data (or ours)
    build complex and accurate terrain surfaces, and also custom objects such as buildings. Incorporate HVE
    data, surfaces and objects, as well as site photos and videos into 3D software for photorealistic results.

  • Momenta LLC
    HVE Partner specializing in environment modeling for HVE utilizing advanced techniques, including laser scanning and photogrammetry.


  • Ellis Digital Solutions, Inc.
    Specializing in vehicle/environment ready 3D models for HVE. High-end Forensic Visualizations utilizing simulation data and 3D laser scan (pointcloud) data. HVE related software tools for 3ds MAX, including vehicle simulation data importer, vehicle and geometry exporter into the .h3d format.

  • Vehiclemetrics, Inc.
    Specializing in obtaining vehicle data that will allow computer simulation programs to better simulate vehicle dynamics and the kinematics of the occupants within. They build complete vehicle models (including geometry and performance parameters) for use in HVE.


If you are interesting in becoming an Environment Modeling Partner, please complete and submit the Modeling Partner Application.

If our Modeling Partners are not able to provide the services you require, please contact:

Engineering Dynamics Corporation
Partner Programs
8625 S.W. Cascade Boulevard, Suite 200
Beaverton, Oregon, 97008

Or email info@edccorp.com

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