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HVE and HVE-2D Version 8.0 - Available July 30, 2010
(updated July 30, 2010)

Status of Version 8.00
- - Now Available

Release Date - - July 30, 2010

The list of new features, enhancements and capabilities found in Version 8.0 includes:

  • HVE-CSI - HVE-CSI is a unique version of HVE that focuses directly on the needs of the law enforcement crash reconstructionist. HVE-CSI will be released as HVE-CSI Version 8, in conjunction with HVE and HVE-2D Version 8.

  • Clutch Model - The HVE Drivetrain Model will include a clutch in Version 8. The clutch allows the user to accelerate a vehicle from a stop. Like a real clutch (manual transmission) or torque converter (automatic transmission), the HVE clutch allows slippage between the engine and the transmission that allows greater torque to be transmitted to the drive wheels. The amount of slippage and torque increase is a function of throttle application. Users are encouraged not to spend too much time setting up drag races between vehicles!

  • Vehicle Editor Enhancements - Vehicle Editor dialogs for suspension, brake and tire parameters now allow the user to copy the values across the axle and also to copy to other axles on the same vehicle. The Wheel Images menu selection now allows a user to quickly apply a wheel image to 'This Wheel', 'This Axle' or 'All Wheels' of the vehicle.

  • 3-D Editor Viewer Customization - User can now select between the traditional 4-viewer layout or a single full screen X-Y, X-Z, Y-Z or Perspective viewer.

  • Vehicle Wizard Enhancements - The Vehicle Wizard now allows the user to edit the Front and Rear Overhang dimensions of a Generic Vehicle.

  • Improved Vehicle Positioning - HVE-2D users will find the Yaw rotation manipulator has been modified to allow them to easily select and rotate a vehicle from their overhead camera view.

  • HVE Human Occupant Positioning - When setting up an event, a human within a vehicle will automatically appear in the location assigned in the Human Editor. For example, a human assigned to the Front, Left position in the Human Editor will appear in the front, left seat of the vehicle as expected!

  • Resizable File Browser - Users will now be able to easily select case, and vehicle or environment geometry files using a new, resizable file browser.

  • Driver Controls Table Editing - Users will now be able to select multiple fields in their Driver Control tables for the purpose of deleting entire rows of values.

  • Key Results/Variable Output - Users can now choose which default variables to display in their Key Results and Variable Output reports. Users will also find that their Key Results settings will also be applied when they copy events as well.

  • References Reports - A new report is now available in Playback. The References report provides a list of Technical Reference Publications that explain the calculation routines and provide application and validation information for each physics program.

  • New Damage Data Report - SIMON's Damage Data report now includes individual tables for each individual collision impulse. The tables display 3-dimensional damage profile data (CDC, PDOF and damage profile), impulse data (start time, end time and duration of impulse, peak acceleration and force and delta-V), and a table of crush depths at up to five elevations.

  • Vehicle Database - The following vehicles will be included in the EDVDB Vehicle Database :
      Year Range
      Ford Ranger Flareside Pickup
      1998 - 2010
      Volvo V70 Cross Country
      2002 - 2010

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