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  Version 6.20
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HVE and HVE-2D Version 6.20 Now Available
(updated May 5, 2009)

Status of Version 6.20
- - Now Shipping

Release Date - - April 30, 2009

Development and testing is complete on the latest version of HVE and HVE-2D! This interim release is part of the new EDC policy that provides users with frequent updates containing fixes and new minor functionalities in between major version releases. All HVE and HVE-2D users are encouraged to read the Release Notes accompanying their update CD for additional details regarding fixes and features.

The Version 6.20 update includes:

  • A new tire model has been developed with better fidelity at high slip angles. This tire model, called the EDC Semi-empirical Tire Model, Version 2, is now the default for new SIMON events. In-house validations have shown there are small differences in the results (i.e., about 1 to 2 ft per 100 feet of trajectory length) when comparing the results from Version 1 and Version 2. All previously run SIMON events will continue to use the original tire model and may be run with the new tire model by switching tire models in the SIMON Calculation Options dialog.
  • Improvements in handling of the selection and manipulation of vehicle and human positions during Event set-up which previously may have led to program crashes depending upon the state that the case file was in when last saved. These issues had been addressed in the patches for Version 6.10 that were available to download from the Support, Download section of this website, and these permanent fixes are now included in the Version 6.20 release.
  • Improved handling of the option to Show Tracks tracing the path of each wheel of each vehicle when Traj Sims are displayed in the Playback Window.
  • Vehicles Added to EDVDB Vehicle Database - The following table identifies the vehicles that have been added since the last update to the EDVDB vehicle database:
    Vehicle Year Range
    Yamaha Rhino 660 2004 - 2007


More information about features and enhancements planned for the next version will be posted as it becomes available.

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