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HVE and HVE-2D Version 6.10 Coming December 2008
(updated December 18, 2008)

Status of Version 6.10
- - Now Shipping

Scheduled Release Date - - December 2008

Development is complete on exciting new features for the next version of HVE and HVE-2D. New features include enhancements to the user interface that directly apply to HVE-2D users, and also extensions to physics capabilities for the benefit of all users.

Here are just a few of the upcoming features:

  • Users can now easily swap out vehicles in existing events. This is accomplished by returning to the Event Information dialog, deselecting the vehicle you want to replace and then selecting a new vehicle. All of the Set-up conditions remain exactly as they were assigned before, including those for Driver Controls, Vehicle Mesh and Wheels.
  • To aid in correctly assigning the sideslip angle for a vehicle in a reconstruction or simulation, the vehicle's velocity vector will display the assigned direction when entering values in the Position/Velocity dialog.
  • The Driver Tables now offer shortcuts allowing the user to quickly duplicate rows or to apply a value to all columns in the same row.
  • Visualizing the traveled path of each vehicle in a simulation is easy using the new option to Show Tracks of vehicles moving across the environment.
  • Assigning Set-up conditions, such as braking inputs, wheel damage or tire blowout for trailers is much faster now, as the names of the towed vehicles are directly selectable in the Event Objects List.


    The redesigned Event Objects List now shows all connected vehicles behind the parent tow vehicle, allowing the user to easily assign set-up options directly on each trailer. In the example shown to the left, the trailers behind the Freightliner Columbia and the F800 are shown in an expanded tree format.



  • Vehicles Added to EDVDB Vehicle Database - The following table identifies the vehicles that have been added since the last update to the EDVDB vehicle database:

Year Range
Ford Crown Victoria
2003 - 2008
Ford Escape
2001 - 2008
Mercury Grand Marquis
2003 - 2008
Mercury Mariner
2001 - 2008
Mercury Tribute
2001 - 2008
Mini Cooper
2002 - 2006
Toyota Celica GT
1990 - 1993


More information about features and enhancements in this next version will be posted as it becomes available.

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