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HVE and HVE-2D Version 5 Now Available
(updated April 5, 2004)

Status of HVE and HVE-2D Version 5:
Now Shipping

Release Date: April 5, 2004.

This release offers extensive improvements and enhancements to the user interface and compatible physics models. Here is a brief overview of what will be found in Version 5.00:


    DyMESH - HVE users can now take advantage of the patented 3-D collision algorithm, DyMESH, to study complex real-world crashes involving severe underride, or any scenario where three-dimensional collision dynamics are present. Visit the DyMESH product page or the HVE Simulations Movies page to see DyMESH examples.

    Tessellation - The Tessellation Option allows the user to add additional detail to the 3-D Geometry File of a vehicle (also referred to as a "mesh"). By selecting this option, each triangle in the mesh is evaluated and any side longer than the user specified value is cut in half until the resulting triangle has no sides longer than the specified value. This capability is very important for collision simulations using DyMESH. It may also be used to display greater detail in an EDSMAC4 collision simulation involving generic vehicles.

    EDSMAC4 without Tessellation of Generic Vehicle

    EDSMAC4 with Tessellation of Generic Vehicle

    Multiple Cameras - Users can now assign and save up to 10 named cameras to use in their simulations. The camera can be assigned to vehicles or a fixed point on the environment and fix on a specific spot or even a moving object. This feature will allow users to quickly produce multiple-view simulation movies of their work.

HVE Camera Setup Dialog

HVE-2D Camera Setup Dialog

    Active Objects List in Playback - Users will now be able to quickly access open reports and viewers in Playback, simply by selecting the one they want to view from the drop down list in the center of the Toolbar.

    Print All - Users can now print all open reports and viewers in Playback, simply by selecting File, Print All from the menu.

    Vehicles Added to EDVDB Vehicle Database - The following table identifies the vehicles that have been added since Version 4.40:

    Year Range
    Cadillac Coupe de Ville
    Ford Focus SE 4-Door
    GMC Sierra 1500
    Chevrolet Silverado 1500
    Toyota Camry LE 4-Door
    Subaru Legacy Outback Wagon 4-Door
    Toyota Corolla LE 4-Door
    Land Rover Discovery
    Toyota 4-Runner
    Chevrolet Tahoe
    GMC Yukon
    Pontiac Grand Am 4-Door

Please visit the Products pages of our website for more information about HVE and HVE-2D.

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