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HVE 2017, HVE-2D 2017 & HVE-CSI 2017 - Now Shipping
(updated Feb 2, 2018)

Status of Version 2017
- - Now Available

Release Date - - February 2, 2018

HVE 2017, HVE-2D 2017 and HVE-CSI 2017 are now available to download from the Support Downloads page of the EDC website. This version includes the following enhancements:

  • DyMESH now uses a new algorithm that greatly improves the simulation of crush depth for vehicle-to-vehicle collisions that involve vehicles with different stiffnesses. This new method is available in the DyMESH Options dialog by selecting DyMESH Version 4.

  • Terrain geometry imported from a VRML file may now be edited, scaled and rotated.

  • Memory management in the Environment and Event Editors has been greatly improved.

Read the accompanying Release Notes for a complete description of additional changes. The download includes an installer that automates the installation process.

Version 2017 does not require your computer to have any version of HVE already installed.

Version 2017 requires a new license.

If you have any questions or need help installing this update, please contact EDC Technical Support or call 888.768.6216. We're glad to help!

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