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  HVE 2016 SP5
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HVE & HVE-2D 2016 Service Pack 5
(updated June 26, 2017)

Status of Version 2016 Service Pack 5
- - Now Available

Release Date - - June 26, 2017

Service Pack 5 for HVE 2016 and HVE-2D 2016 is now available to download from the Support Downloads page of the EDC website. Service Pack 5 includes following:

  • Enhanced Brake System Model that explicitly supports hydraulic and air brake systems and disc and drum brake types

  • 25 new vehicles

  • Support for Intel Integrated graphics cards

Read the accompanying Release Notes for a complete description of additional changes. The download includes an installer that automates the installation process.

Service Pack 5 does not require your computer to have any version of HVE already installed.

Service Pack 5 requires a new license.

If you have any questions or need help installing this update, please contact EDC Technical Support or call 888.768.6216. We're glad to help!

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