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EDC Vehicle Database Continues to Grow
(posted October 2, 2001)

Over the past 12 months, EDC has built 26 custom vehicle models for HVE users who required a specific vehicle for their casework.  These vehicles were also added to the Vehicle Database for HVE, adding 187 vehicle model years to the available selection when all model years are considered.  EDVDB-3D now contains over 800 vehicles for use in HVE simulations.

As with all vehicles in the HVE Vehicle Database, a complete vehicle consists of both a vehicle geometry file and a vehicle data file. When EDC builds a custom vehicle for a user, all of the data for these files are measured from an actual exemplar vehicle.  All of the measured data is subjected to an intense quality control process to ensure the data is correctly entered in the data set for the vehicle.  For more information about the measurement of the data used in a vehicle model, please contact EDC Customer Service and request a copy of technical paper WP# 2000-6 “Building Vehicles For HVE”.

HVE users are encouraged to order at least two custom vehicles every year.  Why?  Because the purchase of a custom vehicle (typically around $950.00) can be applied directly towards the renewal of their annual Update/Technical Support  for the EDVDB-3D vehicle database.  This policy allows HVE users to have the vehicles they need for their own cases, as well as all of the other vehicles added to the database between updates.

HVE-2D users who own the EDVDB vehicle database will notice a significant increase in the number of vehicles available for their work when they receive their HVE-2D Version 2.0 updates.  The vehicle data displayed in the Vehicle Editor in  HVE-2D is a subset of data (applicable for 2D simulations and reconstructions) taken directly from the complete vehicle data set for a HVE vehicle.  This includes the geometry file of the vehicle.

HVE and HVE-2D users who want to order a custom vehicle should contact EDC Customer Service for a Custom Vehicle Order Form.  Once we receive your completed order form, we will begin an extensive search for an exemplar vehicle to meet your requirements.  Please place your order well before your required date, as it may take some time to locate an exemplar vehicle and other orders may be ahead of yours.


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