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New Tire-Terrain Models Now Available

Beaverton, OR - December 15, 2004 -  Engineering Dynamics Corporation announced the availability of three new tire-terrain models within the HVE simulation environment. The Radial Spring Model allows for simulating tires mounting curbs and rolling over potholes. The Sidewall Impact Model allows for a rigorous modeling of the force applied to the sidewall of a tire such as occurs in a curb-tripped rollover. The Soft Soil Model allows for calculating tire drag for a vehicle that has left the roadway and is traveling through soft dirt. Details about the tire-terrain models were presented in the Technical Session of the Winter 2005 EDC Technical Newsletter.

HVE (Human-Vehicle-Environment) is a sophisticated software environment used by vehicle design engineers and safety researchers to perform human and vehicle dynamic simulation studies of occupant kinematics, vehicle handling and response, crashworthiness, and compliance issues such as brake system effectiveness. These new tire-terrain models extend the capabilities of safety researchers to study vehicle handling and safety issues that can arise when tires travel over non-rigid and uneven surfaces.

Trademarks: HVE is a trademark of Engineering Dynamics Corporation.


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