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Advanced Vehicle Dynamics Simulation Model Available July 2000

Beaverton, OR — June 13, 2000 —  Engineering Dynamics Corporation announced a July 2000 release date for a new HVE-compatible simulation model called SIMON® (SImulation MOdel, Non-linear). SIMON is a dynamic simulation of the response of one or more vehicles to driver inputs, factors related to the environment (e.g. terrain, atmosphere) and inter-vehicle collisions. SIMON was built from the ground up employing the latest advances in software and simulation technology. Design engineers and safety researchers may use SIMON for numerous types of simulation studies, including FMVSS and ISO compliance tests, staged crash tests, limit maneuvers and articulated multi-vehicle train dynamics. Parameter studies involving in-use factors, such as weight distribution changes due to occupant loading and payload location, may also be performed.

SIMON uses a new, general purpose 3-D vehicle dynamics engine developed by Engineering Dynamics Corporation. The dynamics engine allows a sprung mass with six degrees of freedom and unsprung masses with up to 5 degrees of freedom per axle. Each vehicle model may have up to three axles (six axles for full trailers) and single or dual tires. SIMON incorporates robust non-linear tire and suspension models and the non-linear 3-D collision model, DyMESH®. SIMON also includes a comprehensive drivetrain model with engine performance parameters, multi-gear transmissions and differentials. SIMON was specifically designed to take advantage of the rich feature set available in the HVE simulation environment, including the HVE Brake Designer™, HVE Driver Model™ and Tire Blow-out Model™.

HVE (Human-Vehicle-Environment) is a sophisticated software environment used by vehicle design engineers and safety researchers to perform human and vehicle dynamic simulation studies of occupant kinematics, vehicle handling and response, crashworthiness, and compliance issues such as brake system effectiveness.

Trademarks: SIMON and DyMESH are registered trademarks of Engineering Dynamics Corporation. HVE, HVE Brake Designer, HVE Driver Model, and Tire Blow-out Model are trademarks of Engineering Dynamics Corporation.


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