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PC Version of HVE Announced 

San Diego, CA — May 8, 2000 —  Terry D. Day, President of Engineering Dynamics Corporation, unveiled Version 4 of the HVE 3-dimensional simulation environment during his opening remarks today at the 2000 HVE Forum in San Diego, California.  Previous versions of HVE have only been available on a Silicon Graphics®  workstation.  HVE Version 4 will be fully compatible with Windows® 95, 98, 2000, and NT® operating systems, allowing users to install HVE directly onto their own desktop PC, laptop or network server.  Flexible licensing options will allow single- and multi-user configurations.  

HVE (Human-Vehicle-Environment) is a sophisticated software environment used by vehicle design engineers and safety researchers to perform human and vehicle dynamic simulation studies such as occupant kinematics, vehicle handling and response, crashworthiness and compliance issues such as brake system effectiveness.

To explain the current status of Version 4, Mr. Day gave a demonstration showing the significant functionality already implemented.   To further emphasize his message, Mr. Day pulled back the drape on the speaker's table to expose the off-the-shelf PC being used for the demonstration.  

"The release of a PC version of HVE represents a significant achievement as every serious professional in the vehicle design or safety research community can now have HVE available on their desktop and in the field," commented Joseph Canova, Director of Sales & Marketing.  Mr. Canova emphasized this point by unveiling a new pricing strategy targeted at various industry segments applying HVE for vehicle design, analysis and crash reconstruction purposes.  A software bundle with HVE and EDSMAC4 will be available for under $10,000.  HVE Version 4 will begin shipping in August 2000.

Trademarks: HVE and EDSMAC4 are trademarks of Engineering Dynamics Corporation. Windows and NT are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Silicon Graphics is a registered trademark of SGI.

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