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HVE Used For School Bus Crashworthiness Investigation Conducted By National Transportation Safety Board

BEAVERTON, OR — September 22, 1999 — The National Transportation Safety Board presented initial findings from a special investigation into school bus crashworthiness in a public meeting held September 21, 1999, in Washington, D.C.   Video simulations from three school bus crash studies were shown to help explain how the unrestrained occupants in the buses were thrown about during the crashes.   The simulations also helped to explain how a lap restraint or lap-shoulder combination restraint worn by occupants involved in the same crashes may have resulted in more severe injuries than when unrestrained.

NTSB engineers Larry Jackson and Dr. Kris Bolte used the HVE simulation environment to study the vehicle and occupant dynamics of each crash sequence.   EDSMAC4, EDVDS, EDVSM and EDGEN were among the primary physics models used to simulate the dynamics of the vehicles involved in the crashes.   GATB was used for two of the three simulations as the primary physics model used to simulate the occupant dynamics resulting from the simulated crashes.   Results from the simulations were used to predict injury for children in various seated positions, with and without safety belts in use.   Many of the video simulations were produced directly from the HVE Playback Editor.

NTSB will release a final report and pertinent safety recommendation letters within a few weeks.   The report will be available on the NTSB website.   MPEG and RealPlayer files of the video simulations created in the study may be found on the NTSB website at http://www.ntsb.gov/events/1999/buscrash/details.htm

Trademarks: HVE, EDVDS, EDVSM, EDGEN and EDSMAC4 are trademarks of Engineering Dynamics Corporation.   GATB is a trademark of Collision Engineering Associates, Inc.

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