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Engineering Dynamics Corporation Introduces HVE, Industry's First 3-D Visualization Tool for Vehicle Safety Research

The Company Leverages Silicon Graphics Visualization Expertise To Create New Simulation Tool

BEAVERTON, OR — February 12, 1996 — Engineering Dynamics Corporation, the world's leading developer of motor vehicle accident reconstruction and simulation software, has introduced HVE (Human - Vehicle - Environment), the first integrated, 3-dimensional reconstruction and simulation visualization tool. Safety researchers are reconstructing motor vehicle crashes to help create a safer environment for the motoring public. Using HVE, researchers from government agencies, private research institutes, insurance companies, and vehicle manufacturers are able to scientifically visualize the cause of highway crashes and resulting injuries. In addition, vehicle and highway designers are able to drive virtual 3-D vehicles and highways before they are built.

HVE's human and vehicle databases contain all the necessary data to set up and execute 3-D simulations in minutes. Scanned photographs and 3-D computer models can be used to reproduce accurate environments. Complex, 3-dimensional terrain, including curbs, crowns, speed bumps and embankments, can be created quickly and easily and are automatically used by the simulation. For example, a detailed analysis of any given passenger car traveling over a speed bump and various speeds can be completed in less than an hour. Multiple simulations can be combined, allowing researchers to reconstruct complex accident sequences involving several humans and vehicles. Professional 3-D video tape can be made directly from any simulation using HVE's build-in video interface.

Several industry-standard reconstruction and simulation programs are available for HVE and the system's open architecture also allows researchers to develop and integrate their own programs.

Wesley Grimes, who heads the Society of Automotive Engineers' Visual Animation task group, says "HVE is truly revolutionary. It is unbelievable to be able to set up, execute, and visualize sophisticated 3-D simulations so quickly. Using HVE, I can analyze events beyond the scope of any previous tool."

HVE was developed specifically for use on Silicon Graphics computer systems. The Silicon Graphics platform was chosen because of the company's leadership in 3-D visualization technology. "Engineering Dynamics and Silicon Graphics are both committed to solving complex problems through visualization," said Kirk Loevner, vice president and general manager of Silicon Graphics Market Solutions Division. "HVE represents the leading edge in applications that leverage Silicon Graphics' visual computing capabilities. It is with innovative tools like HVE, that safety researchers can vastly accelerate their work, ultimately making our lives safer."

HVE is being marketed as a complete, turn-key system, including all hardware, software and peripherals. Components are also available separately.

Trademarks: HVE and EDVAP are trademarks of Engineering Dynamics Corporation. Silicon Graphics is a registered trademark of Silicon Graphics, Inc.

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