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  Tire Blowout
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Vehicle Dynamics Software Simulates Tire "Blowout"

BEAVERTON, OR — June 12, 1997 — Engineering Dynamics Corporation (EDC), the world leader in motor vehicle accident reconstruction and simulation software, has announced a significant breakthrough in the capabilities of its EDVSM vehicle dynamics program.

Motor vehicle safety researchers and accident investigators can now perform elaborate simulations of the effect of a loss of tire pressure upon vehicle handling dynamics using version 1.1 of the EDVSM (Engineering Dynamics Vehicle Simulation Model) software program. EDVSM is an HVE compatible program. The new model offers the ability to simulate either a gradual or sudden loss of tire pressure, and also simulate how the vehicle responds to the loss of pressure while negotiating a curve. The output includes a graphic depiction of a 3-D simulation of the vehicle trajectory as well as a chart of individual tire forces resulting from the event. Ultimately, this simulation tool can help explain why some types of accident occur. These new features are a result of complex vehicle simulations combined with a series of exhaustive validation studies by EDC.

Trademarks: HVE and EDVSM are trademarks of Engineering Dynamics Corporation.

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