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Advanced 3-D Simulation Software
Now Available for Commercial Vehicles

EDVDS, Proving GroundBEAVERTON, OR — June 19, 1998 — Engineering Dynamics Corporation has introduced a new software simulation model called EDVDS (Engineering Dynamics Vehicle Dynamics Simulator). EDVDS simulates the dynamic response of commercial vehicles to driver steering, accelerating and braking inputs, and 3-dimensional road conditions. Factors affecting controllability, such as brake imbalance, loading conditions, rearward amplification and speed can be examined in detail. For example, EDVDS can be used to simulate the contribution of a localized road defect in off-ramp rollovers of trucks and tractors towing up to three trailers.

EDVDS is an extended version of the Phase 4 program developed at the University of Michigan. Extensions include full 3-dimensional simulation capability, updated suspension model with jounce/rebound stops, 2-step radial tire stiffness, and the ability of each tire to respond to an arbitrary 3-D surface. These advancements extend the capabilities of researchers to study real world highway safety issues involving commercial vehicles.

EDVDS is an HVE-compatible simulation model. HVE (Human - Vehicle - Environment) is a 3-D simulation environment that allows design engineers and safety researchers to set-up and execute complex engineering models and visualize the response in real time.

Trademarks: HVE and EDVDS are trademarks of Engineering Dynamics Corporation.

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