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Multi-Vehicle Collision Simulation Now Possible

BEAVERTON, OR — December 15, 1997 — Engineering Dynamics Corporation (EDC), the world leader in the development of motor vehicle crash reconstruction and simulation software, has introduced a new software program called EDSMAC4. (Engineering Dynamics Simulation Model of Automobile Collisions — 4th version)

EDSMAC4EDSMAC4 is a major breakthrough in collision analysis because it simulates simultaneous collisions between any number of vehicles (all other current SMAC-type programs are limited to just two vehicles). For example, safety researchers can now study a vehicle being struck on all four sides by four other vehicles simultaneously. This issue applies directly to the simulation of typical multi-vehicle Interstate highway pile-ups.

In addition, the new program allows researchers to simulate large trucks with tandem axles and dual tires, and models collisions with rigid objects such as large trees and bridge abutments.

The significance of this new program is evident in that only now can safety researchers and professional reconstructionists study accidents where more than two vehicles are involved.

EDSMAC4 is an HVE-compatible simulation module. HVE (Human - Vehicle - Environment, the three factors involved in every crash) is a 3-D scientific visualization tool also developed and marketed by EDC. HVE was introduced at the Society of Automotive Engineers' International Congress and Exposition in February of 1995.

Trademarks: EDSMAC4 and HVE are trademarks of Engineering Dynamics Corporation.

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