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3-D Dynamic Collision Simulation Now Possible

BEAVERTON, OR — February 22, 1999 — Vehicle design engineers and safety researchers can now study 3-D collision mechanics and crashworthiness of motor vehicles using a breakthrough technology. DyMESH (Dynamic MEchanical SHell) represents a major advancement for developers of 3-D dynamic collision simulations.

3-D Collision Simulation - DyMESHDyMESH uses a 3-D vehicle mesh with mechanical properties as input and produces vehicle-fixed collision forces and moments as output. DyMESH employs methods from finite element technology for collision detection, and stress-strain relationships for force calculations. Whereas a finite element analysis requires several hours (sometimes days), a simulation using DyMESH is complete in a few minutes. DyMESH is useful for all collision simulations, particularly for rollover, severe under-ride, or any crash where three-dimensional impact-mechanics are present.

The HVE simulation environment includes all of the data necessary to use DyMESH as an executable function call by any HVE-compatible collision simulation model. Vehicle deformation is visualized as it is calculated during collision or rollover simulations. Because the vehicle body mesh typically includes several thousand nodes, HVE displays the resulting damage with great resolution.

Trademarks: HVE is a trademarks of Engineering Dynamics Corporation. DyMESH (patent pending) is a registered trademark of Engineering Dynamics Corporation

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