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Brake System Compliance Simulation Now Available

BEAVERTON, OR — June 3, 1999 — Vehicle design engineers and safety researchers can now easily study brake system compliance over a full-range of simulated operating conditions. The HVE Brake Designer is used to generate a given brake design for detailed parametric performance analyses of disc brake, duo-servo brake, duplex brake, leading/trailing shoe, 2 leading shoes brakes, s-cam, single wedge and double wedge designs.

HVE Brake DesignerA major benefit of the HVE Brake Designer is that it is integrated directly into the HVE simulation environment. Brake designers can create a given design for a specific vehicle and then use it in a simulation to evaluate its effectiveness under real-world conditions. The HVE Brake Designer incorporates advanced features, such as the effect of sliding speed and temperature on lining friction. The model also includes the capability to study brake fade characteristics, such as that which occurs to trucks on long downhill grades.

Trademarks: HVE and HVE Brake Designer are trademarks of Engineering Dynamics Corporation.

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