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Engineering Dynamics Corporation Announces DamageStudio®

The First Tool That Allows Crash Researchers to Visualize and Analyze 3-Dimensional Vehicle Damage

Beaverton, OR - August 20, 2010  Engineering Dynamics Corporation, the world's leading developer of motor vehicle crash reconstruction and simulation software, has introduced DamageStudio®, an analysis tool that allows crash researchers to visualize 3-dimensional collision data and directly correlate vehicle damage patterns with the dynamic response of a vehicle during a crash. DamageStudio adopts the industry standard SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) J224B for defining the damage pattern on a crashed vehicle, thus presenting results in a format that is compatible with existing crash databases. Researchers using DamageStudio can greatly extend the quality of information contained in those databases. Because it is 3-dimensional, DamageStudio can also be used to evaluate crashes that were not previously amenable to analysis, such as rollover crashes.

DamageStudio will be available as part of HVE (Human-Vehicle-Environment) Version 8.1, which will be released later this year. HVE is a complete 3-D simulation environment that provides highway safety researchers and crash reconstructionists with a tool that is extremely sophisticated, yet very easy to use.

Safety researchers reconstruct motor vehicle crashes to help create a safer environment for the motoring public. Using HVE and DamageStudio, researchers from government agencies, private research institutes, insurance companies, and vehicle manufacturers are able to mathematically reconstruct and visualize the cause of highway crashes and resulting injuries.

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