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Winter 2015 EDC Technical Newsletter


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Announcing HVE Version 11!

Fall 2014 EDC Technical Newsletter

2015 HVE Forum • Save The Date!

Winter 2014 EDC Technical Newsletter

Introducing HVE Version 10!

Summer 2013 EDC Technical Newsletter

EDC Simulations • Accident Simulation Training Course

Update Your Vehicle Database Today

Start Planning For Spring Training

Summer Savings • Still Rolling!

Version 9.12 • Now Available!

Summer Savings Continue!

Spring 2013 EDC Technical Newsletter

Summer Savings Start Today!

DamageStudio Improves Your Analysis

Select The Right Physics For Your Crash Analysis

Studying Occupant Injury Mechanisms Using GATB

HVE Offers Insight Into Loss Of Control Crashes

2014 HVE Forum • Save The Date!

Advanced Traffic Crash Reconstruction with HVE-CSI

Evaluation of the DyMESH Wheel Impact Model

Tire Sidewall Interaction with Safety Rail in SIMON

Spring Into Savings Offers End This Week!

Spring Into Action Today

Spring Into Action Savings Now Available

Winter 2013 EDC Technical Newsletter

Using EDSMAC4 For Motorcycle-Vehicle Collisions

2013 HVE White Papers Now Available

EDC Simulations • Accident Simulation Training Course

HVE Simulation Technology • Advanced Tire-Terrain Models

Slow-Motion High-Definition Video Output in Version 9.1

HVE Article in Fall 2012 Collision Magazine

Applications of HVE Simulation Technologies

Time Is Running Out - Sign Up Today! • 2013 HVE Forum

Featured Workshop: Advanced HVE-2D • 2013 HVE Forum

Featured Workshop: Advanced HVE • 2013 HVE Forum

Featured Workshop: Advanced Video Techniques • 2013 HVE Forum

Version 9.10 • Now Available!

Simulating Trailer Separation

Displaying Key Results in Simulation Movies

Using SIMON to Simulate a Passenger Van Rollover

Field-Testing Begins on Version 9.1 Enhancements

The Impact of HVE Simulation Technologies

Trailer Separation in SIMON in Version 9.1

Accident Reconstruction Training Using EDCRASH

DXF Support in HVE-CSI Version 9.1

Key Results in Video Creator in Version 9.1

Version 9.1 To Provide Powerful Capabilities

Summer 2012 EDC Technical Newsletter

HVE Driver Model Path Visualization In Version 9

Extend Your Crash Analysis Capabilities

Wet Pavement Crash Simulations Assist NTSB Study

Wheel Impact Simulation Using DyMESH

Using EDSMAC4 to Simulate Multi-Vehicle Crashes

EDC RECONSTRUCTION • Accident Reconstruction Training

HVE-related Articles in Spring 2012 Collision Magazine

Vehiclemetrics Launches HVE Vehicle Database

Searchable HVE FAQ Knowledgebase Continues To Grow

Spring 2012 EDC Technical Newsletter

Curb Impact Simulation Using SIMON

DamageStudio Improved for Version 9

Advanced Traffic Crash Reconstruction with HVE-CSI

HVE-related Papers at the SAE 2012 World Congress

Version 9 • Now Available!

What's New with the EDC Website Home Page

Version 9 Delivers New Technologies and Features

3-D Stiffness Modeling Available In HVE Version 9

EDC Celebrates 30 Years

HD Video Output Available In Version 9

2012 HVE Forum White Papers Now Available

Version 9 Release Date Announced at 2012 HVE Forum

Wheel Impact Simulation Using DyMESH Version 3

Winter 2012 EDC Technical Newsletter

HVE: Packed Full of Features and Capabilities

HVE ESS Model, DamageStudio and More


Updated Vehicle Database Now Available

Stability Control Simulation • Now Available For Viewing

Watch HVE Users Simulations On YouTube

The Distance Tool

HVE Automatic Transmission Model

HVE Tire Blow-out Model

HVE ABS Simulation Model

Searchable HVE FAQ Knowledge Base Now Available

Summer 2011 EDC Technical Newsletter

HVE Environment Modeling Partners

HVE Technology Timeline

Using SIMON To Drive Into Deep Potholes

EDC Announces Electronic Stability Systems Simulation Model

HVE-CSI Crash Reconstruction Software

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