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DyMESH 3-D Collision Simulation Now Available
(Updated April 5, 2004)

Engineering Dynamics Corporation today announced the availability of DyMESH (Dynamic MEchanical SHell). HVE users will be able to use this patented 3-D collision algorithm in conjunction with the SIMON vehicle dynamic simulation model to perform 3-D dynamic collision simulations. DyMESH is a major technological advancement in the study of real-world crashes by vehicle design engineers and safety researchers.

DyMESH employs methods from finite element technology for collision detection and stress-strain relationships for force calculations. The 3-D mesh used to visualize the vehicle, along with assigned mechanical properties, are inputs for DyMESH. Vehicle-fixed collision forces and moments are produced as output. Because the vehicle mesh typically includes several thousand nodes, HVE displays the resulting vehicle damage with great resolution as is it calculated during collision simulations. Whereas a finite element analysis requires several hours (sometimes days), a simulation using DyMESH is complete in minutes.

DyMESH is useful for all types of collision simulations, but is particularly useful for severe under-ride, or any crash where three-dimensional collision dynamics are presented. All types of vehicles (passenger car, truck, trailer, dolly, barrier) may be simulated. Vehicles may be involved in any number of collisions, including secondary and multiple impacts. Results from DyMESH agree favorably with theory, test and finite element results. Detailed validation results can be found in SAE Technical Paper 1999-01-0104, "The DyMESH Method for Three-Dimensional Multi-Vehicle Collision Simulation" and SAE Technical Paper 2000-01-0844, "Validation of DyMESH for Vehicles vs. Barrier Collisions" and also SAE Technical Paper 2004-01-1207, "Validation of the SIMON Model for Vehicle Handling and Collision Simulation - Comparison of Results with Experiments and Other Models".

HVE is a trademark of Engineering Dynamics Corporation. DyMESH (Patent Number 6,195,625) and SIMON are registered trademarks of Engineering Dynamics Corporation.

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