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When I start my HVE or HVE-2D program, I see a message that indcates a license file was not found and I am running in Demo Mode. I am sure I have a license. Why am I getting this message?


When the software starts, the license manager checks for a valid license file. If a license file is not found or if the license file is not validated properly, then you will receive this message. If you believe you have a license properly installed on your computer, try the following steps to troubleshoot the installation: 

    1. The HVE (and HVE-2D) software version numbers and the license file version number must match exactly. If you just installed an update, did you use the new license diskette with the same version number as the update?  
    2. When you purchased your software, did you choose to lock it to your computer or did you purchase an EDKEY? If your software is locked to an EDKEY, is the EDKEY plugged into your computer? (Believe it or not, this happens quite often!)  
    3. If you are using a parallel port EDKEY and you have other hardware locks installed (such as AutoCAD, 3D Studio), try plugging only your EDKEY into the computer.  
    4. Click on Start, Programs, HVE-2D (or HVE). In the list of programs, run the program Show Computer ID. The first line displayed in the dialog is "Locking Code 1" and is based upon the computer hard drive serial number. The second line is the "Locking Code 2" and is based upon the EDKEY plugged into your computer. If you have an EDKEY, you should see Locking Code 2 of 80-xxxxx. If you cannot run HVE-2D, but see 80-xxxxx displayed, then jump down to Step 6.  ?

     A. Go to C:\Program Files\Rainbow Technologies\ Sentinel System Driver and run the program SetupSysDriver.exe. 

    B. In the dialog that is displayed, you should see an Installed Driver Version and it should be Version 5.39 for Windows. If it does, then proceed to Step 6. If it indicates that the driver is not available, then this is your problem. You will need to run the Add/Remove Programs utility in Windows and remove the Sentinel System Driver program. Now, you will need to reinstall the HVE-2D software, as it includes the Sentinel System Driver at the end. Restart your computer after the installation. Now run the SetupSysDriver.exe program again and see if it is running now.
    5. If you see Locking Code 2 of 0 - 0, then that means that the EDKEY is not being read. Follow these steps to see if the driver for reading the key is working:  
    6. If you read the Locking Code 2 as 80-xxxxx, check that the license file matches that code. Using a file browser, go to your HVE-2D (or HVE) folder and locate the file named lservrc. Open this file using Wordpad or Notepad. You should see lines at the top for your User-ID number, your company name, and also the code for your key. The 0x-xxxxx code in the license should match your 80-xxxxx code.

If you have not resolved your license problem by following these steps, please contact EDC Technical Support for assistance.


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